Founded in Melbourne, Australia.

Studio Táche is the creative outlet for me – Zach Kendall.

As a one man studio, I put my name behind everything I sell and most often to my own detriment I try perfect every element and enhance every experience I provide.

My journey is one of continuous exploration, with every creation I hope I help add to the narrative of your home.

Where it started.

It all started being told no.

I love having too many plants around the house, the life and colours they breathe into a space is unmatched. They started to outpace me though and when my partner started to see how "creative" I was getting with placements, she had to tell me no more.  

Being a web designer, i'd always flirted with the idea of 3D design, but the learning curve was always too daunting.

That's when these two worlds of interest collided and my journey begun.

Where we're at.

A journey of discovery.

It's still early days for both me and Studio Táche, all focus is on building an experience I get to share with you. I don't want to sell you thoughtless product in a box. I want you to be as proud of your vessel as I am.

With any journey, all things change, but regardless, with focus on a clear direction we end up in the right place. My clear direction is solely improvement.

Where we're going.


The thing I love about 3D printers is they can be created just about anywhere. Minimising shipping emissions in transporting cargo ships worth of products. While maximising recycled plastics to be used indefinitely.

All current vessels are made from 100% recycled plastics. The goal is to bring this process in-house for full transparency with a focus on recycling plastics primarily from our waterways.

Elevating the everyday,
one layer at a time.